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Biohazard 4D-Executer

Biohazard 4D-Executer

Biohazard 4D-Executer

Alternative Title(s):

Biohazard 4D-Executer
Resident Evil 4D Executor

    Action, Adventure, Horror, Military
Type :
Date Released:
    November 1 , 2000
Date Finished:
    November 1 , 2000



Resident Evil 4D Executor

Biohazard 4D Executor was a 20 minute CG movie that people in Japan could (and still can as of this date) see in a special theatre. Resident Evil 4D Executor

Though the CG was primitive, (the rendering and models aren’t much better than that seen in Resident Evil 2, it’s certainly not on par with Resident Evil 3) it told the story enough. Below is a summary of the events within the 20 minute movie. Resident Evil 4D Executor

The story focuses on an elite unit of 5 UBCS members, sent into Raccoon City to try and rescue Dr. Cameron. An Umbrella scientist lost in all the confusion. The UBCS team, consisting of members Rodrigo, Roger, Klaus, Ed and Norman, have a GPS device used to track down Dr. Cameron’s last known location, which is near a large food factory. Resident Evil 4D Executor

Upon entering the factory they are attacked by a large creature, a sort of hybrid between a Tyrant and the more evolved forms of NemesisResident Evil 4D Executor

BIOHAZARD 4d-EXECUTER is a 3-D film that was made for the Resident Evil arrangement by Capcom. The film was discharged in 2000 and runs for 17 to 18 minutes. The film was just discharged in Japan, where the film can at present be seen today. Resident Evil 4D Executor

The film was beforehand demonstrated in Space World and is at present indicated in Mosaic Garden. The motion picture is supported by 3-D impacts and reenact encounters, for example, moving seats and such throughout the movements arrangements. The ride is viewed as like Universal Studios ride "T2 3-D: Battle Across Time". Resident Evil 4D Executor

A squad of U.b.c.s soldiers of fortune headed by Klaus are sent to Raccoon City to secure a paramount researcher, Dr. Cameron. Utilizing a handheld workstation to track her area, the men are attracted to a warehouse looking for her, where a creature surprises them and murders Roberto, one of Klaus' men. The animal is executed by a M203 round terminated by Ed, however its DNA spreads onto a cockroach, which listens into the squads discussion. Resident Evil 4D Executor

It then discovers a rodent and taints it, making a cockroach-rodent. The rodent takes after the remaining Umbrella group of four outside where they leave in their HUMVEE. It then utilizes limbs to contaminate an injured crow, in this way providing for it the capability to fly and take after the U.b.c.s They stop at a sewer vent where Dr. Cameron's sign is solid, then Norman, Roger, and Klaus conventional into the sewers, with Ed guarding the door and vehicle. They stop where the sign is altered and Norman breaks the divider with unstable charges. Be that as it may, they discover just Dr Cameron's gear and a crazy canine, Klaus effortlessly slaughtering the creature with his sidearm. Downloading information from an adjacent PC, Roger then uncovers to Klaus that the creature in the warehouse was Cameron, and that they just required to recuperate information on her examination. Klaus, angry at how easily his men were utilized, tosses him to the ground, Roger falling straight into the puppy's body. Aiming on coming back to the vehicle, Klaus radios Ed, yet the main answer is Ed's painted shouts. Resident Evil 4D Executor

In the city, Ed uselessly exhausts his attack rifle into the air as the tainted crow tears at him. Norman trips up the step, gave by the packaging's from Ed's rifle. The sewer vent is clouded by smoke, when Norman tumbles off the ladder,in half. A creature trips down the step, and Klaus shoot a few shots with no impact. The animal's face is uncovered as that of Ed's and Klaus escapes down the sewer. Resident Evil 4D Executor

He soon goes to an open gap in the divider, which he hops through. Since the beast can't fit through it, this purchases him a short measure of time before it crumples the entire divider. He runs up a close-by sewer vent, where he sees the HUMVEE some separation away, alongside countless. Klaus executes a zombie point unadorned, then drops his sidearm for a moment gun, this one a Sig Sauer P225, conveyed in a leg holster. He stays his gun into a zombie's mouth and shoot a solitary shot, the zombie apparently undaunted. Limbs blast from the beginning murder a few zombies. Klaus' gun is thumped away. he then tries to run once again to the humvee until he is injured in the calf by an appendage. Writhing in agony, the animal shut in when Roger rams it with the Humvee. Klaus limps to the flatbed, and mans the M2 automatic weapon. In the wake of saying "I trust you comprehend, Ed..." he starts shooting and tears the changed Ed into pieces. The truck heads out and the city grows dim. Resident Evil 4D Executor

Biohazard 4D-Executer
Resident Evil 4D Executor


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