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Final Fantasy Unlimited

Final Fantasy Unlimited

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Final Fantasy Unlimited
FF:U -ファイナルファンタジー:アンリミテッド-

    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha, Parallel Universe, SciFi, Seinen
Type :
Date Released:
    February 10 , 2001
Date Finished:
    March 26 , 2002


Final Fantasy Unlimited

One day, the black pillar appeared suddenly in the Sea of Japan. That is a gate which led to the another world, and monsters have invaded into our world from there. Final Fantasy Unlimited

Dr.Hayakawa who was famous for the research of the crust energy went to another world with his wife Marie, and they had come back safely. And, they wrote the book ' Kairetsu no hi ( Day of the field row ) '. After that, they never came back though they went to another world again. Final Fantasy Unlimited

Their twins' child Yu and Ai went to the station of subway which had been closed. According to ' Day of the field row ', the train which goes to the another world comes at midnight. To search for parents, they tried to take this train. At night of the full moon, the train for the another world arrived at 0:13:13. Yu and Ai boarded the train. And as follow Yu and Ai, the girl named Risa also took the train. Who is she? Final Fantasy Unlimited

This is an adventure Sci-Fi fantasy of heroine Risa and Kaze whose hometown was destroyed by Kumo. And also, this story is a dark fantasy like the Grimm fairy tale. Final Fantasy Unlimited

Last Fantasy: Unlimited is the second anime dependent upon the famous feature diversion arrangement, Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Unlimited

The first Final Fantasy: Unlimited takes after the story of Ai and Yu Hayakawa, two twelve year-old twins who go into Wonderland, a secretive parallel measurement, looking for their missing folks. Along the way they meet Lisa Pacifist, a part of the C2 Organization, Kaze, a being of mind boggling force, and an assortment of different characters. Final Fantasy Unlimited

The arrangement is separated into two significant segments, characterized by the fundamental notice of transport the heroes are using. The primary 50% of the arrangement see the aggregation utilizing the Interdimensional Train to achieve another world with every scene. In each of the scenes they might rise to view another world, defy the characteristic dangers of the world, and fight off the most recent ambush by either the Gaudium Lords, or Omega. Final Fantasy Unlimited

In the mean time, the story from the enemy's perspective is occasionally uncover with Earl Tyrant's discourse with his masters. Earl is the encapsulation of Chaos, and is looking for the youngsters as they were produced of Chaos likewise, and the bits of an effective animal known as Omega. Omega is a definitive dangerous power, with its energy just opponent by that of the Unlimiteds; godlike creatures of enormous force. On the off chance that he can gather these and adsorb them into his body, he will have the capacity to control Wonderland unchallenged. Final Fantasy Unlimited

The second 50% of the arrangement see the heroes sign up with the dissident faction, the Comodeen, and board the submarine, Jane, which is destined for Telos, the main put in Wonderland that has a characteristic store of the gravity resisting flight water. This substance will permit the carrier Silvia to fly, permitting them to achieve the Earl's flying post. Final Fantasy Unlimited

The arrangement peaks when the Earl himself makes out of here the Comodeen, obliterating Jane and catching the heroes. Stood up to with Chaos himself, Kaze and Makenshi, the main two surviving Unlimiteds, unite and decimate it, accordingly finish its rule of fear over Wonderland. Final Fantasy Unlimited

Final Fantasy Unlimited

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