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Golgo 13

Golgo 13

Alternative Title(s):

Golgo 13
Golgo 13

    Action, Drama, Thriller, Seinen
Date Released:
    April 12 , 2008
Date Finished:
    March 28 , 2009


Golgo 13

Golgo 13 has been called a Japanese counterpart to James Bond, except with a darker character, a much more hardcore attitude towards sex, and a complete lack of morality. Golgo 13 is described as a mystery man of undetermined origin, possibility being at least part Japanese, who takes any assignment for any employer (it has been said he has worked for the CIA and the KGB) as long as the right price is given and will always fulfill his contracts, even if he has two or more opposing contracts at the same time. He is an uncanny sharpshooter, with near 100% accuracy and capable of lethal trick shooting, and regularly uses a customized, scoped M-16 rifle in his assassinations. He also is a heavy smoker of cigars. Golgo 13

Golgo 13, additionally known by the alias Togo (デューク・東郷 Dyūku Tōgō?), is an expert professional killer. His age and origination are obscure and there is no accord in the overall brainpower group as to his actual personality. The greater part of his employments are finished through the utilization of a redid, perused M16 rifle. Furthermore Duke Togo, Golgo 13's different pseudonyms incorporate Tadashi Togo (東郷 隆 Tōgō Tadashi?) and Togo Rodriguez (トーゴ・ロドリゲス Tōgo Rodorigesu?). Golgo 13

The name "Golgo 13" is a reference until the very end of Jesus Christ. Golgo is short for Golgotha, the spot of Jesus' torturous killing. The number 13 is viewed as an unfortunate number in light of the fact that there were thirteen members at Jesus' Last Supper before his execution. Additionally, Golgo 13's logo is a skeleton wearing a Crown of Thorns. Golgo 13

Duke Togo's past is a secret. In spite of the fact that numerous scenes of the arrangement have exhibited hypothesis about his inception, such scenes dependably provide reason to feel ambiguous about their hypotheses too — leaving the book fans unverifiable whether the data was even accurate. It is just realized that he had a child with ex-PIRA terrorist Catherine Mccall named Joey, who was slaughtered in an unplanned blast after he lighted a few explosives at a PIRA safehouse. He likewise has yet an alternate living child from an arbitrary past sexual experience, as seen in Episode 48. Golgo 13

Concerning the character's age, countless are dated as they are revolved around present occasions of the time. On the other hand, Golgo 13's age has not expanded essentially to record for these occasions. He has also suffered multiple injuries on his body via torture. Golgo 13

Golgo 13

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