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Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island

Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island

Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island

Alternative Title(s):

Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island
ハンターxハンター: Greed Island

    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen,
    Super Power, Virtual Reality
Type :
Date Released:
    February 5 , 2003
Date Finished:
    April 16 , 2003


Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island 

The story takes place after the first OVAHunter X Hunter - Greed Island

After the conflict with the spiders, Gon and Killua return to the York Shin auction to try their luck with Greed Island. Once inside, Gon and Killua meet up with Biscuit, Wing's old teacher, who helps them train to defeat the monsters and player killers found inside the game. Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island

Eagerness Island (グリードアイランド, Gurīdo Airando) is an anecdotal feature diversion in Hunter × Hunter. It is played on the "Joystation", a videogame comfort, is no longer in production, and offers at barters for no less than 8 billion Jenny. The diversion transports its players' physical bodies into the universe of Greed Island, just discharging them when they die(at which point they pass on in "genuine living" too), when they win, or when they utilize an unique card within the amusement that gives them a chance to out. It must be played by individuals who can utilize Nen. In fact, it is a genuine spot, an island spotted east of the Yorbian mainland. Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island

Covetousness Island was initially discharged in the World of Hunter × Hunter in 1987, made by Ging Freecss and his cohorts. It was handled and sold by Marilyn Inc. Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island

Planned for the selective utilization of Hunters, its 5.8 Billion Jenny sticker is the most noteworthy ever for any feature diversion; there were 20,000 preorders for just 100 duplicates. After its starting deal, the diversion vanished from the business. In 1988, Battera offered to purchase the diversion for 17 billion jenny and 50 billion jenny for the reasonable information. On the other hand, nobody approached. Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island

Securing Difficulty

As stated by the Hunters' Tavern site, the trouble level to get the diversion used to be at H-class (most straightforward) since its as of now accessible on open barters, but since of the sheer high value its been raised to G-class (easy). Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island

Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island 

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