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Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT

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Dragon Ball GT

    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Super Power
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Date Released:
    February 7 , 1996
Date Finished:
    November 19 , 1997


Dragon Ball GT

Goku, the hero who destroyed the evil of Frieza, Cell, and Buu in DBZ, learns that an old foe, Emperor Pilaf from DB has captured the 7 magical Black Star Dragon Balls, which, at the cost of the planet the balls are on, can grant any wish. Pilaf wishes that Goku is a child, and Goku becomes a child. In order to save both the planet and restore Goku to adulthood, Goku must allign himself with Trunks and his granddaughter Pan to find all 7 Balls all over the universe. Over time, they encounter foes like Baby, Super 17, and the invincible Shadow Dragons. Dragon Ball GT

Taking place 10 years after the final Dragonball Z story, Pilaf finally manages to get all 7 dragonballs and makes a wish. Unfortunately for Pilaf, he gets flustered by the presence of Goku and wishes for Goku to be a child again so that Pilaf could 'teach him a lesson.' Pilaf gets his wish, and Goku is off on an interstellar trip to gather the 7 'Black Star Dragonballs' that can reverse the wish and return him to adulthood. Dragon Ball GT

Mythical beast Ball GT (ドラゴンボールgt, Doragon Boru Ji Ti; GT signifying "Excellent Tour", regularly shortened as DBGT) is the spin-off of Dragon Ball Z, whose material is prepared just by Toei Animation. The Dragon Ball GT arrangement is the briefest of the Dragon Ball arrangement, comprising of just 64 scenes; instead of its ancestor, Dragon Ball Z, which comprised of 291 scenes, and Dragon Ball, which comprised of 153. Initially expected to compass 40 scenes (finishing after the Baby Saga), the arrangement proceeded for an alternate 24 scenes, and is finished up by the TV exceptional Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy discharged after the Baby Saga. Dragon Ball GT

The arrangement again proceeds the enterprises of Goku, who is transformed go into a youngster by Emperor Pilaf inadvertently longing this utilizing the Black Star Dragon Balls at the outset of the arrangement and is compelled to venture out over the cosmic system to recover them. The primary a large portion of the arrangement concentrates on Goku, Pan, and Trunks, while the second half brings back the greater part of the noticeable characters from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. It is the main arrangement that is not built specifically in light of the first story by Akira Toriyama. The arrangement takes after the Z Fighters against significantly all the more influential adversaries, for example, the Luud Cult, the Machine Mutants, Baby, Super 17, and the Shadow Dragons. Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT


Dragon Ball

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