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Fairy Tail OVA 4

Fairy Tail OVA 4

Fairy Tail OVA 4

Alternative Title(s):

    Fairy Tail OVA 4
    フェアリーテイル OVA

    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen
Type :
Date Released:
    November 16 , 2012
Date Finished:
    November 16 , 2012


Fairy Tail OVA 4

Natsu, Lucy, and the others go to a training camp for the Grand Magic Games. While there, the Fairy Tail Guild take a much needed break at the beach and hot spring. Fairy Tail OVA 4

Pixies' Training Camp is the fourth OVA for the Fairy Tail arrangement by Hiro Mashima. It is packaged alongside the Special Edition of Volume 35 of the Manga and was initially discharged on November 16, 2012. Fairies' Training Camp

Mavis is exhausted staying alone on Tenrou Island, so she chooses to visit the organization, ignorant that the Fairy Tail parts are setting off to the vacation spot for a preparation camp, for which she chooses to tag along too. The assembly confronts a ton of inconvenience that is created by Natsu and Gray. That night, the fellows get more than they expected when the young ladies get inebriated. Accordingly, they think of an insidious arrange before long. Fairy Tail OVA 4

Mavis is seen thinking about a tree branch in Tenrou Island, until she is woken up by a creature. She perceives the hush and recalls how fun it was the point at which the Tenrou Team was there. She then chooses to visit them. Later, Mavis meanders in Magnolia Town and grins without anyone else present as she realizes that no one can see her. She at last lands at the organization's building, yet simply before she can enter it, the Fairy Tail parts are getting out, ready for a preparation on the shore and hot springs. Seeing that, Mavis chooses to subtly take after them. Fairies' Training Camp

At the vacation spot, Erza tells everybody that in spite of the fact that the motivation behind impending there is to prepare for the Grand Magic Games, they will use the first day having some good times. Natsu and Gray are avid to swim in the ocean, yet they are rapidly surpassed by Jet who surges utilizing his Magic. Juvia spreads Gray and after that endeavors to let him know that she arranged a bathing suit only for him, however both Natsu and Gray take after Jet to the ocean. They contend in swimming, yet are again beat by Jet. Ash takes off his jeans, saying this will speed him up while Natsu utilizes his Magic to swim quicker. Discouraged, Juvia comes to Erza who questions her outfit, while Mavis is seen consuming dessert on top of a twisted palm tree. Somewhere else in the water, Lucy, Wendy and Levy are playing with a volley ball while Happy and Carla are swimming around. Lucy then perceives that not the greater part of the parts of the Tenrou Team are at the vacation spot. At that point Levy said Mirajane and her group make a go at preparing on the mountains, the Raijinshuu finished the cycle of change preparing far away, then Gajeel and Lily some place mystery however Levy needed to run with them. Lucy then teases Levy when she says that she needed to run with Gajeel. Fairy Tail OVA 4

Fairies' Training Camp


Fairy Tail

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