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Fairy Tail X Rave

Fairy Tail X Rave 

Fairy Tail X Rave

Alternative Title(s):

    Fairy Tail X Rave
    フェアリーテイル x レイヴ

    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen
Type :
Date Released:
    August 16 , 2013
Date Finished:
    August 16 , 2013


Fairy Tail X Rave

In a town far away, Lucy, Natsu and Happy, from Mashima's Fairy Tail manga, are on a mission to find a troublemaker and deal with her. Due to unknown circumstances they get separated. The same happens to Elie and Haru, from Mashima's Rave Master manga. Lucy and Elie manage to meet each other and together they try to find their respective partners.. Fairy Tail X Rave

Natsu, Lucy and Happy are in a removed town on a mission. Nonetheless, Natsu differentiated from the gathering and Lucy and Happy are compelled to search for him as they can't finish the occupation without him. While looking, the two chance upon a young lady who erroneously calls Happy a bug. The young lady then presents herself as Elie and inquires as to whether they saw a fellow with white spiky derailed hair. Lucy lets her know no and inquires as to whether she saw Natsu; in any case, Elie hasn't and the three choose to look together. Fairy Tail X Rave

Then, a movement diseased Natsu is pulled out by a gentleman with white spiky derailed hair who presents himself as Haru. Natsu presents himself and lets him know that he is from Fairy Tail, a Mage Guild. Natsu then smells blaze and swiftly heads towards it and starts consuming it, much amazingly. Fairy Tail X Rave

Somewhere else, Lucy, Happy and Elie are sitting on a seat with Elie discussing her amnesia and her going far and wide. The three are then approached by Elie's companions, a jam thing named Griff and Plue. Lucy is astounded to see Plue as she has a Celestial Spirit of the same name and reasons that Elie is a Celestial Spirit Mage too and that both Plue and Griff are Celestial Spirits. Then, Natsu and Haru are getting a charge out of a decent dinner and are getting to know one another. Natsu then lets him know that he's determined to stop a huge breasted young lady who wears Heart Kreuz apparel and utilization fight weapons. She evidently had ran wild in clubhouse around the local area. Listening to the subtle elements, Haru lets him know that its most likely his companion, Elie. The two then start to battle as Natsu accepts Elie to be the one he is after and Haru is not eager to let Elie be assaulted while he doesn't do anything. Fairy Tail X Rave

Somewhere else, Lucy and Happy, taking a gander at Elie, imagine that she may be the Mage that they're after. They then inquire as to whether she loves playing in club and Elie says yes, much amazingly. On the other hand, before Lucy and Happy can settle on what to do, a blast is gotten notification from the town and the gathering heads towards it. The blast is then uncovered to be from Natsu and Haru's fight as the two battle at the clubhouse. Then again, their fight is intruded on when Erza Scarlet intercedes and ambushes them for destroying her winning streak. Erza is then uncovered to be the Mage that has been bringing about devastation in the club. Fairy Tail X Rave

Later, Natsu's aggregation and Haru's gathering head to their objective. Natsu and Haru are totally enraged by each one in turn and are persuaded alternate is an awful individual. Fairy Tail X Rave

Fairy Tail X Rave


[Parent Story] Groove Adventure Rave
[Parent Story] Fairy Tail

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