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Gekijouban Naruto: Dai Gekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chitei Iseki

Gekijouban Naruto: Dai Gekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chitei Iseki

Gekijouban Naruto: Dai Gekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chitei Iseki

Alternative Title(s):

Gekijouban Naruto: Dai Gekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chitei Iseki
劇場版 NARUTO 大激突!幻の地底遺跡だってばよ
Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

    Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
Date Released:
    August 6 , 2005
Date Finished:
    August 6 , 2005


Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura are executing their mission of delivering a lost pet to a certain village. However, right in the midst of things, troops led by the mysterious knight, Temujin, attack them. In the violent battle, the three become separated. Temujin challenges Naruto to a fight and at the end of the fierce battle, both fall together from a high cliff. Furthermore, Shikamaru, having been left behind, beholds a giant moving fortress as it appears before his very eyes. In order to get a grasp on the situation, he infiltrates the fortress by himself, however once there he witnesses a frightening sight... Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel (大激突!幻の地底遺跡だってばよ, Daigekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki Dattebayo; Literally signifying "Extraordinary Clash! The Illusionary Ruins at the Depths of the Earth") is a 2005 film which was regulated by Hirotsugu Kawasaki and co-composed by Kawasaki and Yuka Miyata. It is the second Naruto film. It was discharged in theaters in Japan on August 6, 2005. The film happens after scene 160 "Chase or Be Hunted?! Confrontation at the O.k. Sanctuary!". The English named rendition of the film debuted on Cartoon Network on July 26, 2008, and was then discharged to DVD on August 29, 2008. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

The motion picture spins basically around an exceptional mineral called the Gelel Stone, which has a solid and complex force. There was previously a faction that could control the stone's forces, yet they were obliterated as a result of wars for the stone. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

A fight was occurring around evening time on a ruined coastline beach between Sunagakure ninja and officers wearing cumbersome suits of protective layer. Regardless of their earnest attempts, the Sand ninja are gradually overpowered by the sheer quality of their perplexing rivals. The opportune entry of fortifications, headed by Kankurō and Gaara, turn the tide of fight, with Kankurō cutting separated a suit of protective layer with his manikin, and Gaara dispatching a substantial number of adversaries with his mark Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral. In any case, when Gaara requests the Sand-nin to sparkle a flare at the withdrawing foes, a huge warship is uncovered, with its own particular munititions stockpile of substantial weapons, much to the Sand shinobi's stun and interest of its appearance. The boat then starts shooting with its firearms, and Gaara's sand shield scarcely figures out how to ensure his confidants as its cannons shells constantly beat the vacation spot. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto Uzumaki, Shikamaru Nara, and Sakura Haruno are determined to catch a lost pet ferret and convey it to its town. Naruto humorously alludes to the animal as a feline for the rest of the film. However while on their approach to furnish a proportional payback, they are assaulted by a baffling man dressed in knight reinforcement. He excessively is joined by the abnormal reinforced officers from some time recently. The three battle him, yet get differentiated when Naruto, the knight and the pet ferret all tumble off a precipice. Shikamaru and Sakura just acknowledge thereafter what has happened and instantly go to search for them. When they can, what seems, by all accounts, to be a seismic tremor leaves them speechless until they understand that it isn't a quake whatsoever, yet the development of a monster mechanical moving structure. Sakura and Shikamaru part up to hunt down Naruto. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto gets up to end up dressed, too right alongside a similarly injured obscure man. They have been taken in by an extremely tranquil procession of migrants that claim various remote creatures, including ostriches and rhino. An old man happens to illuminate Naruto that they are actually the town that contracted the leaf ninja to give back their pet ferret, named Nerugui. The ferret additionally appears to have an extraordinary enthusiasm on the obscure man, much to the surrender all expectations regarding the senior. While mending, the man appears to have a flashback dream that delineates what befell him as a youngster. His house was attacked and pulverized while he covered up, apparently the stand out alive. He is very nearly found, however in the last minute he is saved and figures out how to live. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Kahiko and his granddaughter Emina goes onto illustrating to Naruto how their faction once initially had a nation, yet it was demolished quite a while prior by a calamity, and that Nerugui is evidence of it. They additionally let him know how Nerugui is indeed more established than the family senior, having been cared for by the tribe for eras. As Naruto searches for a description from Temujin, the knight just gets some information about his odd "power," that is really his chakra. Temujin seems not to comprehend what chakra is, regardless of the possibility that he can wield a comparable force. Temujin essentially lets him know that he is there 'to assemble an utopia,' then happens to welcome Naruto to go along with him. Naruto quickly can't, just for the ostrich he is riding to flee on its own. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Even now searching for a description from Temujin, Naruto takes after him as he sneaks far from the parade. In the wake of taking a chance with his damages to spare one of the convoy's kids from tumbling from a tree, Temujin asserts that his obligation has been "reimbursed" and keeps on leaing. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

In the interim, Shikamaru invades the mechanical structure and discovers what gives off an impression of being a lab with kids in cases. They are neglected by a couple of ladies (Kamira and Ranke) with comparative defensive layer to what Temujin had been wearing, whom work a machine that makes the massive officers from in the recent past. The two talk about the Gelel Stone, something that Shikamaru has never become aware of. He is just about gotten, however figures out how to escape finally. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto uncovers that Temujin has turned up lost and goes to head after him when Kahiko comes to him, saying how Nerugui has vanished once more. As his mission was to convey the pet to the town the assembly was headed to, he still need to finish it. The tribe senior even goes the extent that truism he ought to have employed the Sand Ninja. Despite the fact that he furnished a proportional payback to its holders, Naruto still must go and discover it once more. Then Sakura runs into a surrendered campfire and discovers the procession's trail. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto happens to discover Temujin once more, who has Nerugui with him. (He entertainingly lets him know to hand over the 'feline.') Temujin at last uncovers his name, as they end up before the expansive vessel from in the recent past. They go inside, uncovering the structure to be extremely exceptional in engineering and kind of like an European house of prayer within. There, Temujin acquaints Naruto with his expert, Haido. Wearing what seems, by all accounts, to be cleric robes, Haido happens into insight about their objectives, and again stretches out the welcome to go along with them. Naruto guarantees that he can't go along with them on the grounds that he's going to be Hokage, however offers to spread the peace that they wish for. Nerugui shows up on Temujin's shoulder, instantly showing a dislike for Haido. Haido starts thinking when they mention a caravan. Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Gekijouban Naruto: Dai Gekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chitei Iseki
Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel


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