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Groove Adventure Rave

Rave Master

Groove Adventure Rave

Alternative Title(s):

    Groove Adventure Rave
    Rave Master

    Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
Date Released:
    October 12 , 2001
Date Finished:
    September 27 , 2002


Rave Master

Haru Glory is a boy who lives with his sister, Cattleya, in Garage Island. After fishing out a.... thing called Plue, he meets Shiba who entrusted him with Rave Stone or more known as Holy Bring. From there on, he embarks on a quest leaving his sister at Garage Island like his father who went to find Rave 15 years ago. He meets Elie, a girl who loves to gamble but has lost her memory. They met up with Musica at Punk Street. They have to eliminate Demon Card using Rave and is helped by Elie's uncontrollable Ethelion and Musica's ability of controlling silver as a Silver-Claimer. Unfortunately, they had to collect 4 more Raves in order to eliminate the mother of all dark brings, Sinclair. Together, they find out their past including Haru and Musica who both do not know their parents very well. They also find out the connection between Ethelion and Rave. Groove Adventure Rave

Notch Adventure Rave (溝アドベンチャーレイヴ) is a manga arrangement composed and outlined by Hiro Mashima. The manga was serialized in Shōnen Magazine from July 1999 through July 2005, and distributed in thirty-five tankōbon by Kodansha. The manga arrangement was authorized for an English discharge in North America by Tokyopop until Kodansha permitted their agreement to lapse. Del Rey Manga affirmed on September 26, 2009, at their New York Anime Festival board, that it had gained the rights to Rave Master with a discharge date in September 2010. Kodansha Comics USA will continue distributed the arrangement in 2011. Rave Master

In 0015, fifty prior years the story's begin, the world was being defiled by Dark Bring, wickedness stones that offered mind boggling forces to their managers. The Dark Bring were utilized by the Raregroove Kingdom, and the Symphonia Kingdom battled against them with their Holy Bring. Groove Adventure Rave

Shiba, the first RAVE Master, endeavored to pulverize Sinclaire, the "mother" of the Dark Bring, with his Ten Commandments Sword. The repercussions brought about the monstrous blast known as "Overdrive" that pulverized one-tenth of the known world. Shiba, ensured from the calamity by Plue, an uncommon watchman "canine" who shielded him from the impact, clutched the RAVE needed to power his sword. Plue and the five remaining parts of RAVE, then again, were scattered far and wide. Rave Master

Fifty years after the fact Haru Glory, a youngster living on the serene Garage Island, angles Plue up by mishap. A few occasions soon take after, including Shiba's entry and his longing to recover Plue, and also the manifestation of a puzzling association known as Demon Card, whose parts have Dark Bring and mean to control the world. After Haru fights one of its parts, Shiba uncovers that Haru is the second RAVE Master, and depends his RAVE, Plue, and the Ten Commandments Sword to Haru. Haru sets out upon an endeavor to discover alternate parts of Rave and to save the world. Groove Adventure Rave

Groove Adventure Rave
Rave Master

[Side Story] Fairy Tail X Rave

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