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Hunter x Hunter Pilot

Hunter x Hunter Pilot

Hunter x Hunter Pilot

Alternative Title(s):

Hunter x Hunter Pilot

    Action, Adventure, Shounen, Super Power
Date Released:
    November 30 , 2000
Date Finished:
    November 30 , 2000


Hunter x Hunter Pilot

Pilot ep from the 1998 jump tour.

Seeker × Hunter Pilot (ハンター×ハンター パイロット, Hantā × Hantā Pairotto) is an introductory, enlivened pilot of the Hunter × Hunter manga. It was initially demonstrated at the Jump Super Anime Tour in 1998, a prior year the begin of the 1999 Hunter × Hunter anime arrangement. Hunter x Hunter Pilot

Gon Freecss is discovered angling attempting to get Master of the Swamp. Which he does and brings over to the town and his surrogate mother Mito Freecss, who permits him to take the Hunter Exam and turn into an expert Hunter. He backtracks into the backwoods to meet his Foxbear companion. We then see a flashback of Kite slaughtering the Foxbear's mother and addressing Gon who winds up receiving the Foxbear. He then says his last farewell's to Mito, before leaving on a huge boat. On the boat he meets Leorio Paradinight and Kurapika. While on the boat it is attacked by a storm and a different of unusual animals. Gon, Leorio and Kurapika help the team battle them off. Despite the fact that Leorio and Kurapika don't get along they are in the long run constrained by condition and motivated by Gon to cooperate to spare the boat, which they do. At the end they get closest  companions and the Captain shows high hopes for them. Hunter x Hunter Pilot

Hunter x Hunter Pilot


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