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Naruto - Battle at the Hidden Falls

Naruto - Battle at the Hidden Falls

Naruto - Battle at the Hidden Falls

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Naruto - Battle at the Hidden Falls
滝隠れの死闘 オレが英雄だってばよ

    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Super Power
Type :
Date Released:
    December 20 , 2003
Date Finished:
    December 20 , 2003


Naruto - Battle at the Hidden Falls

A routine rank-C mission turned into a full-blown battle as the Hidden Fall village is attacked by enemy ninjas. Now Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura must help the leader of the Hidden Fall, Shibuki, protect his village and show him what being a hero is all about. Naruto - Battle at the Hidden Falls

As the two focused on jinchūriki keep on strugging against their limitations, Naruto endeavors to withdraw the Tailed Beast Mode, yet observes that he can't smother Kurama's chakra as Madara regarded his exertions pointless. The White Zetsu Army clone asks in respect to why Madara did not follow Shukaku first. Rearranging his method in the wake of mulling over his flunky's words, Madara turns his concentrate on the One-Tail. Capturing Madara's ambush, on the other hand, Gaara makes two colossal sand-hands to help prevent the chain from dragging the tanuki into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Announcing that he might not let Madara have the monster, Shukaku is stunned by the Kazekage's activities; which causes the mammoth to recollect the time when it was fixed inside Gaara as a youngster and its statement to go after his psyche, if he ever fall into profound slumber. As the memories came spilling in, Shukaku additionally recollects the expressions of his past jinchūriki: the cleric who had predicted the monster of the day somebody might come who might result in the brute to comprehend the words which were cut into his own particular hands: "heart" and "acknowledgement". This lead Shukaku to perceive that the kanji for the saying "adoration" (which was needed on Gaara's temple) was really a synthesis for the kanji for "acknowledgement" and "heart". As the White Zetsu Army clone discredits Gaara's activities — having secured the animal which made him languish over so long, and likewise that Gaara won't kick the bucket regardless of the possibility that Shukaku is fixed in the Demonic Statue — Madara prepares his Susanoo and propels one of its swords at Gaara. As the sword tears towards Gaara, Shukaku captures it, proclaiming that it prided itself on its Absolute Defense when its all said and done. Sending an alternate sword to boomerang over the front line, Madara can break the area of the chain Gaara held and reconnect it to the brute all while sending the sword specifically at Gaara whose programmed resistance ensures against the assault, however he was still thumped down. Advising the junior man not to try too hard, Gaara notes that on the grounds that he was no more a jinchūriki, he could stay up as late as he needed, as Shukaku's equivalent. As the brutes get dragged in, B separates one of his own appendages, while Kurama shouts to Gaara to ask some help. Naruto is then launched out from his Tailed Beast Mode cover. Gaara shouts to Naruto, who starts to tumble to the ground. Naruto - Battle at the Hidden Falls

Naruto - Battle at the Hidden Falls


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