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One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

Alternative Title(s):

     One Piece: Dream Soccer King!
     ONE PIECE 夢のサッカー王!

     Comedy, Fantasy, Sports
Date Released:
     March 2 , 2002
Date Finished:
     March 2 , 2002


One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

Luffy and his crew take on the Villain All-Stars in a game of soccer in order to become the Dream Soccer King. The game comes down to a pk tie-breaker shoot-out with Coby as goalie and Helmeppo refereeing. One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

It is the Grand Line Cup Final, and the uncommon playoff is soon to be chosen by a sudden death round shoot-out, with Coby going about as goalie. Luffy begins the match off by goaling with his Gomu no Shoot system. To counter, Buggy uses his Bara procedure to break separated and sprint with his decreased weight, just to have the ball miss after a wide bend, putting the Straw Hat Pirates in the number one spot. Zoro and Hatchan score effortlessly, while Tony Chopper pops the ball. Jango, Usopp, and Bentham scores, tying the score.while Nami and Vivi cheers Luffy's group. The Villain All-Stars get back to an up player, Odacchi (a cameo presence by Oda himself), whose ball is gotten effortlessly by Coby, giving Luffy's group the playing point. Team dancers Nami and Vivi as the audience leaders. One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

The conclusion of the diversion now relies on upon Sanji and his unbelievable kicking forces. In any case, that sends the ball tearing into the sky. In the same way that Buggy triumphantly calls a sudden passing, an unidentified flying item is accounted for to be flying over the Grand Line and towards the stadium. The article ends up being the soccer ball, which rotated around the Grand Line totally, and the ball grounds into the goalie net with a blast, and the Straw Hats win the match, and acquiring them the title of Pirate Soccer Kings. One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

We set our sights once again at the Going Merry, where Luffy is discovered sleeping. As he gets up, he uncovers what resembles a brilliantly colored soccer ball. As he accuses at the wad of his Gomu no Shoot method, it is uncovered to the group of onlookers that the "ball" is really Usopp's lowest part. The rest is history. Additionally note that the "ball" was produced by Doskoi Panda. One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

One Piece: Dream Soccer King!


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