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One Piece: Jango`s Dance Carnival

One Piece: Jango`s Dance Carnival

Alternative Title(s):

     One Piece: Jango`s Dance Carnival
     ワンピース ジャンゴのダンスカーニバル

     Comedy, Fantasy
Date Released:
     March 3 , 2001
Date Finished:
     March 3 , 2001


One Piece: Jango`s Dance Carnival

Luffy and his crew are on Mirror Ball Island during a dance carnival. They are spotted by Marines just as Django the hypnotist is running from them. Luffy and the others are caught up in the dance carnival as Django, in his desperate attempt to escape, hypnotizes the entire island to dance the night away. One Piece: Jango`s Dance Carnival

The featurette sees the Straw Hats landing on Mirrorball Island, which has a gigantic disco ball drifting over it. Obscure to them, Jango is likewise in the town at a nearby bar. Notwithstanding he is spotted by a gathering of Marines and a pursuit follows. Amidst the pursuit one of the Marines spots Luffy, compelling him and his team to run for it too. The team tumbles off a building, compelling Luffy to utilize Gomu no Fusen, hitting the goliath disco ball and making it swing. Jango winds up on top of a move stage and in franticness, utilizes his trance to make the individuals of the island move. One Piece: Jango`s Dance Carnival Everybody, including the Straw Hats and the Marines, are made up for lost time in the craze and move the night away, annihilating the island simultaneously. The Straw Hats figure out how to escape though tediously, however understand Luffy's not with them. He and Jango are still on the disco ball coasting in the sea and even now moving as the featurette closes, asking why they are the main individuals still spellbound. One Piece: Jango`s Dance Carnival

One Piece: Jango`s Dance Carnival


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