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One Piece Special: Adventure in the Ocean`s Navel

One Piece Special: Adventure in the Ocean`s Navel

Alternative Title(s):

     One Piece Special: Adventure in the Ocean`s Navel
     ワンピース TVスペシャル 海のヘソの大冒険篇

     Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen
Date Released:
     December 20 , 2000
Date Finished:
     December 20 , 2000


One Piece Special: Adventure in the Ocean`s Navel

The Straw Hats encounter a city in the middle of a whirlpool, called the Ocean's Navel, that is being destroyed by giant monsters. These monsters supposedly protect a treasure capable of granting wishes, but in the process of defeating these guardians, the crew ends up releasing another evil. (aired after Episode 53One Piece Special: Adventure in the Ocean`s Navel

Luffy discovers a midsection, with a skull inside with an etching around a fortune. The Straw Hats then investigate a cavity in the ocean, yet wind up in a boat burial ground and experience a bat, who cautions them of 4 creatures. One Piece Special

It is an alternate serene day ready for Going Merry. Nami hollers at Luffy for urinating in the sea, as it'll simply defile the fish that are swimming. Luffy is on angling obligation, yet he is utilizing wipes for draw, which he sees them to look like cheeseburgers. Nami can not accept how credulous Luffy is, until he finds something enormous, and it drags the boat counter directionally rather than advances. The angling line winds up at a rough pit with a midsection being binded to it. Adventure in the Ocean`s Navel

Luffy is frustrated that it wasn't something to consume, yet Nami is more intrigued by figuring out what's inside the midsection. She opens it just to discover simply a skull inside. Usopp peruses the again of the skull, which imprints around a fortune that can make anybody's blessing from heaven. It lies profound in the sea's maritime. At that point an extensive opening starts to structure close to the hole they collided with, so Usopp, Nami, and Sanji plan themselves in a jumping barrel to investigate the pit in the ocean. Luffy is placed accountable for the rope wrench. One Piece Special: Adventure in the Ocean`s Navel

It is a smooth ride, for the trio in the barrel, right until Luffy gets diverted discovers a flying message in the flask, which he gets disillusioned that it wasn't a beverage. At that point the jumping barrel starts to fall speedier into the maritime. Usopp utilizes the hose communicator to caution Luffy that they're in threat. One Piece Special

Luffy figures out how to get hold of the rope, and the barrel scarcely collides with the surface of the maritime. Usopp, Nami, and Sanji end up in a boat burial ground, and are welcomed by a snickering bat who says he will direct them to the fortune - the fortune that Captain Joke attempted to take one decade prior. At that point Nami and Usopp understood that a colossal creature was after them, which alarmed them. Luckily, Sanji began battling the beast, however he didn't figure out how to murder it. The beast was at last executed when the Going Merry fell on it. After that occurrence, Nami and Usopp chose to attempt to discover the fortune while Sanji stayed behind on the grounds that he was unable to move because of his battle with the beast. Adventure in the Ocean`s Navel

One Piece Special: Adventure in the Ocean`s Navel


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