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One Piece: Strong World Episode 0

One Piece: Strong World Episode 0

One Piece: Strong World Episode 0

2010 OSCA Best Adventure / Fantasy Anime

Alternative Title(s):

     One Piece: Strong World Episode 0
     ワンピース 劇場版エピソードゼロ

     Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power
Type :
Date Released:
     April 12 , 2010
Date Finished:
     April 12 , 2010


One Piece: Strong World Episode 0

Set over 20 years prior to the main One Piece story, this limited release OVA chronicles the confrontation between Gold Lion Shiki and Gold Roger as well as other events around the world around the time of the Pirate King's execution. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

One Piece Film Strong World: Episode 0 is the vivified form of Chapter 0. The OVA was discharged in Japan at the end of April 2010, in a constrained version run of 3000 duplicates. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0" House Foods ran a challenge throughout November 16, 2009 and January 15, 2010 and the champs accepted the Episode 0.

The Battle of Edd War "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

3 prior years the Great Age of Pirates...

In Marineford, Marine Headquarters get word that Gold Roger and Gold Lion Shiki are having an encounter. Listening to this, Vice-Admiral Garp leaves the current Fleet Admiral, Kong, and powers his direction onto Admiral Sengoku's ship, much to Sengoku's irritation. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

In the New World, at somewhere in the ocean called Edd War, Buggy goes ballistic at the potential clash between the notorious privateers, and inquires as to whether Roger is fine to battle. Crocus "guarantees" him that Roger is splendidly alright. In the interim, Shiki asks Roger to go along with him, wanting to utilize Roger's data on the Ancient Weapons to administer the world. Roger can't, not having any desire to surrender the opportunity he has. A fight between the two teams follows, and a change in the climate permits the Roger Pirates to sink a large portion of Shiki's boats. A reaction of the fight causes 50% of directing wheel to get embedded into Shiki's head. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Legends Arrested

2 Years Later...

Roger's Execution in Loguetown

The passing of the Pirate King.

In the wake of prevailing over the Grand Line and turning into the Pirate King, the Roger Pirates obscurely disbanded. A year later, news gets out that the Marines have captured Roger. Incensed, Shiki strike Marine HQ and is told by Sengoku and Garp that Roger will be executed in Loguetown, East Blue, as a cautioning to all privateers. Shiki is enraged considerably more that the Pirate King will pass on in the weakest ocean, however Garp lets him know that East Blue is likewise the image of peace. A fight between the three emits, and closures with a large portion of Marineford being leveled and Shiki sent to Impel Down. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Carriage, Shanks, Monkey D. Mythical serpent, Smoker, and future Shichibukai; Donquixote Doflamingo, Crocodile, Dracule Mihawk, and Gekko Moriah all saw the execution. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Start of the Great Age

A week after Shiki's caught, Roger is executed, starting the Great Age of Pirates. Everywhere throughout the world, individuals have distinctive responses to the news... "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Loguetown: Buggy and Shanks grieve for the misfortune of their skipper, while Gekko Moriah and Donquixote Doflamingo look willing. Dracule Mihawk and Dragon appear unbiased, while Crocodile's response is not seen. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Somewhere else: Portgas D. Rouge anticipates the conception of her child.

Alabasta: King Cobra and his wife note that an awful age has started.

Enies Lobby: Oimo and Kashi find out about the surge in Piracy, yet evaluate no one will ambush Enies Lobby. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Little Garden: Dorry and Brogy keep on duelling.

Longring Longland: Tonjit's tribe educates Tonjit concerning the news, yet he is excessively concerned with the possibility of building the longest stilts on the planet. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Somewhere else: Montblanc Cricket calls the new age Romantic.

Cp9 preparing ground: Rob Lucci, Jabra, Kumadori, and Blueno keep on trainning, being told that they must be stronger than even equity. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Somewhere else: Duval is conceived. His ghastly looks are refered to be a privateers' condemnation by his mother. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Amazon Lily: Boa Hancock lets her know sisters that just the individuals who are truly solid can get to be privateers. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

Affect Down: the inhabitants of Level 6 interest to be let out - aside from Shiki. He feels that all these new privateers are simply childish, and asks of Roger for what valid reason he passed on. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

The Great Escape

2 Years after the Great Age starts...

In Impel Down, Shiki has the ability to escape his cell by cutting off his legs, liberating himself from the seastone shackles bolted there. As news on his getaway makes features, Shiki trades his lost appendages with his swords. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

In the East Blue, Garp finds out about the getaway while going by infant Ace. At what will sometime turn into Zoro's preparation dojo, Koshiro remarks on how he trusted his youngster might assume control some time or another, however his tyke wound up conceived a young lady, Kuina. At Syrup Village, Shanks requests Yasopp. In the interim, Merry starts planning a boat he will call the Going Merry. At Marine Base, Bell-mère guarantees that she will execute Shiki in the event that he ever ambushes the East Blue. Somewhere else, Zeff finds out about the getaway. On Drum Island, Dr. Kureha looks as Hiluluk ruins an alternate examination. In the mean time, Dalton and the current lord talk about Wapol's conduct. In an anonymous town, Nico Robin avoids followers. Back in the East Blue, on the Island of Strange Animals, Gaimon gets stuck in his midsection. In Water 7, Tom's Workers enjoy a reprieve from the development of the Sea Train. At Reverse Mountain, Crocus tells Laboon that he could discover no indication of the Rumbar Pirates, while Brook proceeds his friendless shenanigans on his boat. At the Sabaody Archipelago, Hatchan visits Silvers Rayleigh who is perusing about Shiki's getaway. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

On the Moby Dick, Shiki inquires as to whether he might want to go along with him. Whitebeard debilitates to execute Shiki if that is all he's here for, to which Shiki says he will disappear for some time, before demonstrating the world what an accurate privateer is. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

On Merveille in the Grand Line, Shiki gets together with his subordinate Dr. Indigo, who has uncovered a place that is known for unusual, massive animals. Indigo says that the arrangement will take twenty years to plan, to which Shiki chooses that in twenty years he will indicate the world what damnation is. "One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"

"One Piece: Strong World Episode 0"


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