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One Piece: Strong World

One Piece: Strong World

One Piece: Strong World

Alternative Title(s):

     One Piece: Strong World
     One Piece Movie 10

     Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Military, Navy, Shounen, Underworld
Type :
Date Released:
     December 12 , 2009
Date Finished:
     December 12 , 2009


"One Piece: Strong World"

20 years after his escape from Impel Down, the legendary pirate Shiki, the Golden Lion, reappears causing massive upheaval to the Marines. During his long seclusion, he was able to come up with a scheme to bring the World Government to his knees. On his way to execute the plan, Shiki crosses paths with the Straw Hat Pirates and becomes so impressed with Nami's knowledge of meteorology that he abducts her to forcedly enlist her into his crew. Luffy and the gang end up on a strange land populated with monstrous beasts as they desperately search for Shiki and Nami. "One Piece: Strong World"

One Piece Film: Strong World is the tenth One Piece film of the arrangement. It was composed by manga inventor Eiichiro Oda himself. It was coordinated by Munehisa Sakai. "One Piece: Strong World"

News of the motion picture initially showed up throughout a demonstrating of the Episode of Chopper Plus, throughout which a teaser for the tenth film was uncovered. The motion picture was initially implied for a spring discharge in 2009, yet complexities with the script pushed the discharge go back. Inevitably, the film debuted on December 12, 2009. On July 28, 2012, Funimation reported that they had procured the permit to One Piece Film: Strong World and have since advertised the discharge date as November nineteenth. "One Piece: Strong World"

As expressed, the film is an unique story composed by Eiichiro Oda himself to pay tribute to One Piece's Tenth Anniversary. In past movies, Oda just supplied character outlines and affirmed story plans. For One Piece Film: Strong World, Toei generally inquired as to whether he might compose the script. The motion picture is situated between the Thriller Bark Arc and the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, as Brook is indicated nearby the other Straw Hat Pirates (staging this his first film presentation), and Sengoku and Garp are still in their positions in the Marines. "One Piece: Strong World"

As an advancement for the motion picture, the initial 1.5 million Japanese moviegoers who went to see One Piece Film: Strong World gained Volume 0 of the manga. The "0th Volume" reward blessing portrays the universe of One Piece 20 years prior, and is specifically joined to the film — specifically, it delineates the war between the "Privateer King" Gol D. Roger and the fanciful privateer "Brilliant Lion" Shiki. "One Piece: Strong World"

East Blue in emergency? The news hits the Straw Hat Pirates along their trip. With the places where they grew up confronting a squeeze, Luffy and his companions put their escapades on keep and choose to head down to East Blue, when abruptly an abstruse flying privateer boat shows up out of the sky. The man heading that ship is none other than the scandalous Devil Fruit client, Golden Lion Shiki, the same fabulous privateer who figured out how to escape the incredible undersea jail Impel Down, and remained around such notorious privateers as the "Privateer King" Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard. In the wake of kidnapping Nami for her instinctive navigational aptitudes, Shiki sends Luffy and his team leaping down to his individual skimming islands. Divided, the group ends up set in a skirmish of survival with frightening mammoths in baffling surroundings. "One Piece: Strong World"

What happens to the Straw Hat privateers? What is Shiki after? An exploit where the Straw Hats put their exceptionally exists hanging in the balance starts now! "One Piece: Strong World"

"One Piece: Strong World"


One Piece

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